Yor daily groceries, directly to your home

EggMarket is the new e-commerce app that lets you receive your daily groceries wherever you are, in 90 minutes, without giving up your preferred local shop and in the greenest way


How it works

Open the app

The first step to enjoy all of EggMarket benefits is to open the app. Simple and intuitive, it will allow you to compare prices and purchase your groceries in safety


Explore products and prices of the shops in your whereby, from your favorite local shop to other small surprises. Moreover, you can compare prices, making it more convenient

Pay and Track

Once chosen the products, you can pay with the most convenient solution and track any stage of the order

Delivery and feedback

Within 90 minutes, you’ll receive your groceries wherever you are! Don’t forget to leave a feedback to your delivery personnel.


This is it


Everything you need in one simple app

Thanks to EggMarket simplicity, buying groceries from your favorite local shop has never been so easy. Just open the app, select the goods you want, order them and we’ll take care of everything.


Great features

Easy Shopping

Price Comparison

Product Variety

Fast Delivery

Safe Payment



Our service will be completely GREEN!

EggMarket will use electric scooter to deliver your groceries in order to slash its environmental impact. Also, we’re experimenting with the usage of sustainable shopping bags.

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